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Sample Perl Code

I was in the process of putting some stuff up here, and I've gotten rather busy with some other things. Hopefully, I'll get this done soon.

drw_monitor.pl - Watches the Dr Watson log on your system. Sends out email and/or an alpha page when a crash occurs on your system, as determined by a change in the size of the Dr Watson log file. Then, Mail::Sendmail is used to send a notification of the crash. You can install it as an NT service.
Modules used: Win32::ChangeNotify, Net::SNPP, and Mail::Sendmail

glob_rep - It's not very enlightened, and can be dangerous if used carelessly, but I use it every now and then. This little utility searches every file in the current directory, and does a global search and replace for you. The usage is "glob_rep searchword replaceword". Use with caution.

disklow - Monitors a disk, and sends you email notification if the available space on that drive drops below some particular level.
Modules used: Win32::AdminMisc and Mail::Sendmail

Dilbert - Yeah, I know, I'll probably get in trouble for having this code here. This code gets today's Dilbert strip, and builds an HTML pages archiving all previous strips.
Modules used: Time::CTime, Time::ParseDate, LWP::Simple

By the way, a number of people have asked me why I don't use CGI.pm in my CGI code. Well, here's the story.